Knights of Virtue Ranks and Meanings

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Knights of Virtue Ranks and Meanings

Post by Sovereign on Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:56 pm

Please note: KOV ranks overwrite any ingame ranking. (WIP)

Officer ranks: These ranks are for administration and team leaders.

Imperator. Official leader and elected head of state for KOV.

Legatus. My rank. Administration, motivation and organisation of the entire clan.

Adjutant. (Adjutani). Assistants to the Legatus, also the highest ranking officer in the clan. Considered to be Legatus when the actual one isn't there.

Tribune. (Tribuni). Generals of the army. Oversees an entire KOV force rather than unit formations, responsibilities not like adjutani, more detail-oriented.

Centurion. (Centurio). Commanders of several units. Reporting operational data to the Tribune.

Optio. Assistant of a Centurion. An essential task.

Decanus. (Decani). Commanders of a single unit. (Contubernium) is the name of KOV units. Made up of 6 men/women.

Signifer. (Signiferati). A veteran legionary serving as the Decanus' assistant.


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