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Guide to AQ3D

Post by Mr.Solo Dolo on Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:16 pm

So I thought I would try to give a quick guide to AQ3D so new coming players aren't completely lost on what to do.

The tutorial area is not way too important, only a couple of items you can craft and you wont be getting much EXP. Quest to level 2 and gtfo of there.

Now you're in Battleon! The main city of our beautiful game, theres so many people in cool armors and people waving huge swords, youre excited . Well RIP you are a scrublord, so do a 180 into the forest, its time to start doing some real area completion questing. Now I would recommend using Rogue until you find a group to fight with. break armor, poison x4, and the stack consumption move will really come in handy for you soloing days. Anyway, talk to Robina, the first NPC you see in GreenGuard and start her quest.

Now an important part of AQ3D is crafting your armor and weapons. It takes sometime and gold but make sure you always are crafting your new gear. Don't be level 8 in that old cardboard box crown level 3 item. Make sure to note eventually youll start running into 3 items that look the same. They start implementing stat sets. One for rogue, mage, and warrior so don't get confused by that.

Well. I think you know the basics of AQ3D now, the only thing id warn you is to keep in mind after Livingstone Caverns and before Doomwood, YOU HAVE TO DUNGEON BEFORE YOU MAKE THE SWITCH. Don't leech off others in Doomwood because you didn't get the right gear and level from the dungeons prior.

Also remember the games in open beta at the time of writing this :p

So I hope you think you have a better understanding of AQ3D after playing this. If you have any questions feel free to leave a reply and I should be able to get back to you same day Very Happy

Have fun and Battleon!
Mr.Solo Dolo

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